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Healing happens here.  



How can hypnosis help me?

Are you searching for answers to burning questions within?


Would you like to reset unhealthy habits and thinking?


Do you feel haunted by negative thoughts and self-defeating behaviors?

Curious about past lives, parallel dimensions, or even maybe galactic family?

"My session was lovely. {Erin's} tone and pace was just right, I'm very impressed by the crispness of her voice! I fell deep in theta because of it."

Michelle, CA

Quantum Hypnosis is a technique that guides you into deep relaxation and into the theta brainwave state so that you tap into your subconscious, or higher self.  You then have the ability to access memories and information that pertains to your current life situation. I will guide you through the experience and ask the questions you are seeking.  This technique is often used to gain understanding or answers to probing questions.  


Holistic Healing Hypnosis sessions offer the opportunity for deep healing. You will receive a biofield clearing of stagnate energies and unwanted attachments. This will be followed by the charging and strengthening your biofield energies. My intention is for you to not only receive essential insights and knowledge during your session, but to also leave the session feeling renewed and revitalized.

4hrs - $330

"I felt very nurtured and cared for throughout this session. Erin’s voice is extremely soothing and she has a calm, warm presence that made my experience feel very safe and loving. Because of this and the results we achieved I have already recommended her to others."

Delana, PA

Spiral Stairs

Holistic Healing Hypnosis  

Ready to experience Holistic Healing Hypnosis?  Click on the Book Now button to schedule a session. 

Need more information about hypnosis or what equipment you need and how to prepare? More information below. Scroll down and keep reading to learn more.

4 hrs - $330

What is Holistic Healing Hypnosis?

Holistic Healing Hypnosis is how I describe the hypnosis method I use which is a combination of my training in different hypnosis modalities. I believe that all of these hypnosis approaches help to heal the whole person; mind, body, and soul.  Below is a brief explanation of the three main hypnosis methods that have influenced my approach with guiding hypnosis sessions.

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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) was developed by Dolores Cannon. Many know the renowned Dolores Cannon by her many books and videos. She has written extensively about her hypnosis findings. Through deep relaxation QHHT helps you to access past, parallel, or future lifetimes and connect with your higher self to find answers and understand situations that are impacting your current life.


Where:  In-Person 

Time: 3-5 Hours


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Beyond Quantum Hypnosis was developed by Candace Craw-Goldman, who worked closely with Dolores Cannon. Candace developed a new approach that allowed for clients to be guided through hypnosis sessions online via zoom.  BQH is a technique that guides you through quantum travel to past, parallel, or future lifetimes and seeking guidance from your higher self.

Where:  Online 

Time: 3-4 Hours

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Soul Centered Healing Hypnosis is a quantum hypnosis method developed by Laura Whitworth from the UK. These sessions involve deep relaxation followed by a clearing the bioenergy system of any blocks or attachments. While in the theta state you will receive energy rebuild and upgrades. We examine specific health issues and life circumstances. We will work with a divine team of Archangels and your own personal guides to complete the healing. These sessions are very powerful and many often benefit with multiple sessions. 

Where:  Online 

Time: 3-4 Hours

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"I had a fantastic hypnosis session and past life regression with Erin that provided profound insights and a deeper understanding of my current life's journey. Erin's beautiful voice and skillful guidance allowed me to explore my past in a safe environment. The sense of peace, clarity, and understanding I gained from this experience is invaluable. I highly recommend this transformative experience with Erin. "
Sanna, Sweden

How do you prepare for a
Hypnosis Session?

Here are common questions that you may have. 

Headset and Keyboard

Having the right equipment will make sure your session goes flawlessly. It can be as easy as a cell phone, head phones, and a good wifi connection. 

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Will I receive a recording?

Listening to your session will enhance any healing you received during the session. You will receive an audio recording of your session within 3-5 days of your appointment.

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Learn what to expect during your hypnosis session. Here we will walk through the process so that you know exactly what to expect.

Healing Happens Here.  

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