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Healing Stones

Dive into the immersive experience of an Emersion session!  Emersion sessions are a fusion of Reiki, Sound, and Crystal energy healing techniques. Designed to envelop you into a state of deep serenity and restoration. Emersions gently coax the release of tension and disharmony held within.  Encouraging the free flow of energy and a return to a balanced system. These transformative sessions are only available as mobile services at this time, thus bringing the healing directly to you! Individual and group sessions available. Schedule a consultation below to learn more.

 Individual session 2hrs - $145

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Reiki is a traditional Japanese method of healing that focuses on deep relaxation and restoring balance to your mind, body and spirit. Using light energy to clear and charge the body's energetic system. Our sessions are designed to enhance your body's natural ability to heal and promote overall wellness. We strive to create a safe and comfortable environment where you can release tension and find inner peace.


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Frequencies of sound created to relax and entrain your energy body to resonate in a healthy way.  When the body has blockages, the frequency of vibration lowers and becomes stagnate. To help release those blocks and get energy flowing in a healthy way, we use instruments set at specific frequencies that resonate to the healthy functioning of the body.  Our services are designed to help you rebalance your energy levels. 



Soul Centered Healing Hypnosis is a quantum hypnosis method developed by Laura Whitworth from the UK. These sessions involve deep relaxation followed by a clearing the bioenergy system of any blocks or attachments. While in the theta state you will receive energy rebuild and upgrades. We examine specific health issues and life circumstances. We will work with a divine team of Archangels and your own personal guides to complete the healing. These sessions are very powerful and many often benefit with multiple sessions. 

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"I feel amazing. Thank you!"


Healing Happens Here.  

Mobile Service Area

Northeast Tennessee Region

Emersion sessions are mobile services. Schedule a consultation and let's plan your session experience at your location or venue.


*It is important to have a comfortable, quiet, and non-distracting space for the sessions to be successful. 

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