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Healing happens here.

Start your healing journey now. Choose a session below and start your path of self discovery.  

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Not sure which session is right for you?

Schedule a free consultation below and we'll work with you to build the experience that's just right for you.

A highly personalized approach to ensure the most successful healing experience. The Sacred Healing Pathways is a package program combining all three methods of Quantum Hypnosis, Reiki, and Sound. This program can start as low as a two session bundle and go up to packages of 18 sessions over a 6 month period. This program is tailored to your specific needs, goals, and provides in depth healing and guidance. Schedule a free consultation and express your interest in the Sacred Healing Pathways.      

           Package Pricing Varies - Starting at $559 for 2 Sessions                                  

A deep theta state of relaxation where you can access your subconscious, experience deep theta healing, release unwanted attachments, and gain knowledge and memories from other lifetimes or this current one. Learn your soul's story, find answers to the questions you seek, and receive deep healing. Sessions are conducted online. You will receive a recording of your session. Hearts Align Souls offers Healing Hypnosis Sessions which is a Quantum Hypnosis session with added healing components. If you have questions please contact us.

Individual Online Session 4 hrs - $330

Emersion sessions are a combination of three healing modalities: Reiki, Sound, and Crystals. Reiki healing energy is used to relax and activate the parasympathetic nervous system. Sound frequencies are used to release tension and entrain the biofield energy to flow in a more harmonious and balanced way. Crystals are used to enhance the energy and provide extra clearing of dense heavy energies. These sessions are currently offered as mobile sessions. Request a session or book a consultation to find out how we can bring this experience to you.

Individual Mobile Session 2hrs - $145

Reiki is a Japanese healing method that relaxes the body and promotes healing. Reiki involves light hand placements on key energy points and chakras to run healing energy.    Reiki is very soothing, relaxing, and healing.  Reiki is included in our Emersion sessions. If you are interested in Traditional Reiki, having Reiki Attunements, or Reiki Training to certify yourself as a practitioner, please contact us to learn more. 

Traditional Reiki Mobile Session 1hr - $80

By activating various sound tools around the body will create select frequencies that will allow the body to release tension and to promote a healthy flow of energy and balance. Currently sound healing is incorporated into our Healing Hypnosis Sessions and Emersion sessions. Individual sound healing experience are available. If you are interested in hosting a Sound Bath group meditation, we would love to accommodate your event. Please contact us to learn more.

Healing Attunement - $45

Resonance Journey - $110

If you have limited space or time to have a session in person, you have the option to schedule a distant or surrogate healing session.  Distant and surrogate sessions are very powerful as it is the intention for healing and light information for the highest good of all. Schedule a free consultation to learn more.  If you are interested in distant or surrogate sessions please contact us to learn more. 

Surrogate Hypnosis - $225

Distant Reiki - $45

What Our Clients Say

" I had a wonderful session with Erin. Her voice was so relaxing and the information we got blew my mind! I still feel so much peace and healing from our session weeks later."


Mobile Service Area

Northeast Tennessee Region

Emersion, Reiki, and Sound services are mobile. Schedule a consultation and let's plan your session experience at your location or venue.


*It is important to have a comfortable, quiet, and non-distracting space for the sessions to be successful. 

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