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I'm Nervous I Can't Be Hypnotized

Believe it or not, you actually spend a good portion of your day in a light trance state! Have you ever lost track of time, forgot the drive you took home, forgot why you walked into a room, or found yourself lost in a daydream? These are examples of the brain moving into a light alpha state of trance. It is completely natural and healthy for the brain to move between states throughout the day. So forget about any previous ideas or notions you thought a hypnosis session might be like and trust that you are capable of taking this journey within, finding your answers, and receiving healing.  You are a powerful being.



11 Keys to Absolutely Know About Intuition

By Tina m. Zion

  1. You are already intuitive.

  2. Intuition is simply a matter of noticing in a different way.

  3. Intuition will never stop feeling like your imagination….never.

  4. You must allow yourself to receive.

  5. Intuition is not a gift that only a few people have.

  6. Everyone is intuitive.

  7. Intuition is a learned skill.

  8. Intuition is simply information.

  9. Intuition is noticing the very subtle information around and within you.

  10. Intuitive information comes from both the non-physical and the physical realms.

  11. You can learn the steps to intuitively learn all about yourself.


More affirmations to help build your confidence and connection with yourself:

I am intuitive.

I notice my intuition.

I deeply trust my intuition.

The spiritual world does exist and I am more and more aware of it.

I immediately notice synchronicity.

I feel a deep knowing.

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