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What Equipment Do I Need?

Updated: May 30

So, you're ready to schedule but need to know what equipment is needed. No matter which online session you sign up for, good internet connection is a must. Along with a quiet, undisrupted, and safe space for you to relax and not be distracted. Read below to find out more about specific equipment that you may need for a successful session.

Online Group Hypnosis Sessions

& Guided Meditations

For these sessions the bare minimum you equipment you would need to participate is a cell phone and earbuds. A computer and a quality headset will improve your experience but are not required.

Minimum Equipment Needed:

*Cell Phone with good wifi

*Ear buds/Headset

Online Holistic Healing Hypnosis

& Quantum Hypnosis

For more in depth and individualized healing hypnosis sessions a computer with a web camera is needed. Sessions that involve deep energy work require a computer directly plugged into the internet router and the power source. Often energy work will disrupt wifi and drain the charge off batteries within a laptop. Being directly plugged in prevents disconnections that may occur due to energy work interference. These sessions also require a headset with a mic that goes in front of the mouth. During hypnosis, you will we very relaxed. Often clients will whisper responses. In order to hear and guide the session it is essential to have a proper headset with a mic that goes in front of the mouth.

Minimum Equipment Needed:

*Computer with web camera, plugged into internet and

power source

*Headset with mic that goes in front of the mouth

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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