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Healing happens here.  
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Why choose Hearts Align Souls?

 At Hearts Align Souls, we specialize in a variety of healing techniques that promote relaxation, chakra alignment, and the attainment of a deepened sense of self-connection. Our team has a wealth of experience conducting past life regression and soul healing sessions that are customized to each individual's unique needs. Our aim is to help you reconnect with yourself and gain a deeper understanding of life's purpose, while providing a safe and comfortable space for healing and growth. We are also trained and certified Reiki and Sound practitioners with the goal of guiding the release of tension, aid in relaxation, and return to a sense of overall balance.

"I highly recommend having a session with Erin, not only is she lovely, she has beautiful gifts to align your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well being into its natural rhythm. During our hypnosis session she preformed sound healing with tuning forks which was AMAZING compliment to our session. Erin is gifted with a hypnotic angelic voice and her intuition through sound healing was absolutely fabulous."


Start your healing path now.

Explore below the healing experience that is calling you.

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Holistic Healing Hypnosis

Holistic Healing Hypnosis is sessions lead you into deep relaxation to unlock the knowledge deep within your own self.  I will guide you through another lifetime to gain more understanding about yourself. We will connect with your higher self to find answers and information that you require. In these sessions we will also clear any energetic blockages and attachments in the biofield. We will investigate and gain guidance and healing regarding any personal health or life concerns that you have.  We will end with a biofield rebuild and strengthening.  During these sessions I call in divine guides and Archangels to assist with healing and clearing. 

Image by Karly Jones - Sage Clearing

Mobile Emersion Sessions

Emersion session is a combination of Reiki, Sound, and Crystal energy healing modalities.  Emersion sessions are deeply soothing, relaxing, and restorative.  Emersions encourage the release of tension and discordant energies to promote the healthy and harmonious flow of energy within the body. These sessions are currently offered as mobile services.  This is where I will come to your location to provide the healing session.  Mobile sessions are arranged by booking a free consultation to learn more about what your needs are and the space or venue for the service. 

Rock Balancing - Pathway to Rebalancing Self

Sacred Healing Pathways

Energetic and spiritual healing can be complex and require a layered and nuanced approach. One session alone is often just enough to break through resistance.  Leaving room for more healing and balancing to occur. Sacred Healing Pathways is a three to six month program that involves multiple healing modalities that are catered to your specific needs or goals.  Multiple sessions allows the body to resonate in harmony and with balance to your true healthy state. You will also receive guidance and exercises to help guide you with maintaining a healthy state. Start now by setting up your free consultation below to find out more about how you may benefit from this program.

"I had a session with Erin to alleviate tension and energy I felt was holding me back. Her voice is very soothing and calm felt very relaxed throughout. I feel lighter now after the session with the understanding what I was carrying has been lifted and released. Thank you Erin!"

Andrew, UK

Healing Happens Here.  

At the heart of it...

Hello, I'm Erin.

I am the creator and founder of Hearts Align Souls.  I am honored to guide you on your journey of self-exploration and self-discovery. My sessions include a tailored combination of Quantum Hypnosis, Reiki, and Sound Healing techniques, cultivated specifically for your needs and intentions. These healing modalities gently lead you into deep relaxation, promoting restorative healing and spiritual insights.  

Here are my certifications for the healing modalities I utilize during sessions:             - Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)

            - Beyond Quantum Hypnosis (BQH)

            - Soul Centered Healing Hypnosis (SCHH)

            - Reiki Master, North Carolina Reiki Training Center, Asheville, NC

            - Sound Healing, Sound Healing Academy, Asheville, NC

Let's discover and connect with your inner wisdom and guidance; rejuvenating your body's natural ability to heal. I look forward to working with you.

Sand Dunes

Need guidance on how to start your healing experience? 

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