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What will a hypnosis session be like?

Updated: Jul 8

Wondering what to expect on the day of your hypnosis session? Let's break it down so you know exactly what will unfold. First, for any session to be successful, it would be beneficial for you to prepare yourself 2-3 days in advance of your appointment. This includes doing self-care by getting plenty of sleep, drinking plenty of water, and eating healthy foods. Take time to yourself to connect through meditation or walking in nature. There are many ways to ensure that you care for yourself so that your body and mind are relaxed and ready for the hypnosis experience. For more ideas check out the post: Getting Ready for Quantum Hypnosis.

Day Of Session: Once your appointment day arrives, make sure to take enough time, one or two hours, before your appointment to make sure your equipment and space are prepared and ready to go. Please test your headseat and test your computer/camera set up. During the hypnosis session you will need to have the camera set up so that you are visible from the waist up while you are in the hypnosis session. This is so that your wellbeing and safety can be monitored throughout the session. Take time to test your set up. Hypnosis is like taking a deep nap. You will need a bed or recliner that allows you to lay down comfortably for 2.5 hours.

Connect: (up to 1 hr) Time has arrived, log into Zoom 3-5 minutes before your session is scheduled to begin. This will secure that your connection is working beforehand. We will start by getting to know one another and cover any questions you may have. I will go through your intake form and ask clarifying questions to learn more about you. We will review your higher self questions and solidify your intentions for the session. I will then go over permissions to begin the session. Finally, we will do safety and equipment checks to make sure we are ready to go.

Break: (10 mins) Next we will take a break for 10 minutes for a bathroom break and for you to set up your hypnosis space and camera. This is typically a bed or recliner that allows you to comfortably relax for 2 - 3 hours.

Session: (up to 2.5 hrs) After we reconnect, we will do a final check of our equipment to ensure that the volume and video is good to go. I will guide you through some visualizations to get you comfortable with the process. The session begins with me guiding you into deep relaxation. Once deeply relaxed, the healing will begin with energy work by clearing and recharging energy centers. After the healing work you will be guided to see a place in time that is important for you to understand now. This can be a past, parallel, or alternate life. I will guide you through to get information that is important for you to see and understand. We will then access your higher self or subconscious to receive answers to the questions you prepared. While connected with your higher conscious we will check for further healing and clearing that may be needed. I will close the session by doing a final rebuild and strengthening of your energy system to ensure optimum protection and health. And finally, you will be counted out of the session.

Closing & Review: (up to 30 mins) Once you are ready, we will briefly go over key moments of your session. These are strong themes, powerful healing, and any important information that you expressed during the sesson. We will review your post session self care steps and when to expect a recording of your session. I will keep in contact to check in with you and see how you are doing after the session experience.

Follow-up: You will receive a recording of your session within 3-5 days after your appointment. It is highly encourage that you listen to your session to receive further insight and healing. You will also receive a follow-up email and opportunity to provide feedback. There will also be opportunities to schedule a post session to help go over information, guidance, and revelations from the session experience. Your will be added to the email contact list to receive further notifications and opportunities to continue your path of self exploration and healing.

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